June 2021

An alliance of students, staff and faculty from across the province are dismayed that Nova Scotia universities are raising tuition fees for the second time during the pandemic, especially after a $25 million investment to help Nova Scotia universities manage the impact of COVID-19. An open letter to Premier Rankin and Minister Diab asks for their help to reduce student tuition and increase student bursaries, and increase funding to post-secondary institutions.

Read the letter here.


April 2020

Like many other sectors, universities are struggling to keep up with the ‘new normal’ created by COVID-19. No one is certain what the next semester will look like, and university administrations are trying to plan for the future amid a multitude of unknowns.

An alliance of 19 unions and associations, representing over 18,000 students, staff and faculty, have united to demand that university administrators consider the implications of these plans on students, university staff and faculty.


Click here to send a letter to your MLA, MP and University President to let them know tuition hikes, layoffs and other concessions are not OK!